Welcome to the Raise the Roof Academy blog!


Hello & welcome!

We are proud to announce the start of our blog! We're beyond excited to begin sharing our journey together both on the ground in Bwasandeku, Uganda and in the US at Raise the Roof Academy. 

What you can expect:

  • You'll get insight into the daily lives of the children, staff and community of Raise the Roof Academy as we share passionate stories and photos. 
  • We'll be sharing empowering messages and general updates about projects, sponsorship and mission trips to keep you in the know. 
  • For those that sponsor a student, this will be a great opportunity to deepen your bond with your sponsor child as you get to know more about their routine and what's happening on campus. You can then ask about these new and exciting things in your letters!

We hope you enjoy reading and are inspired to take action and become an advocate for education! Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on social media!