The Perfect Plan

After about 5 hours of sleep, the crew awoke to a hearty breakfast of eggs, a variety of fruits, toast and coffee. The smell of Off! hung heavy as we broke for a brief devotional where Monica led the Methodist prayer: 

I am no longer my own, but thine. 

Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt. 

Put me to doing, put me to suffering. 

Let me be employed by thee if laid aside for thee,

Exalted for thee if brought low for thee. 

Let me be full, let me be empty. 

Let me have all things, let me have nothing. 

I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal. 

And now, o glorious and blessed god,

Father, son, and Holy Spirit, 

Thou art mine, and i am thine, so be it. 

And the convening which i have made on earth. 

Let it be ratified in heaven.  


We were asked to reflect on the power of the prayer and examine it line by line throughout the week. The pastors here in Uganda will also dwell on that very same prayer throughout their time training with Rev. Monica and retired pastor, Skip. 


David debriefed us on the schedule for the next 36 hours and we loaded up onto the buses to depart for Kampala to exchange money. For many this was the first time seeing the country in daylight! Sounds of exclamation for how beautiful the terra cotta tiled roofs were, recaps of the nights’ sleep and anxious sighs filled the buses as bold boda boda drivers swerved in and out of the heavy traffic ahead. 

money exchange

We arrived at the money exchange location around 11 and tiptoed our way into the cramped office in groups of three with our crisp green dollars in hand. It’s always an exciting experience to watch the thousands of brightly hued shillings file through the money counters like a high tech roladex to replace our monochromatic bills. 

After exchanging, we went to have lunch at the Cafesserie, a French style cafe with a lengthy and varied menu. Faith, our waitress, was beyond accommodating and patient with our large group. 

Bellies full and eyes heavy, we headed back to the Apricot for a quick snooze before dinner and the African culture show. 

We pulled into the parking lot for the Ndere Troupe performance and filed into our seats, but not before parading around the gallery and taking in the gorgeous sunset just behind the stage. 


The Ndere Troupe provides not only a display of vibrant talent and passion of young singers, musicians and dancers but exists to fund the education of each performer. The crowd was alive with support from the RTRA group seated front row and the variety of visitors from all over the world. The show was absolutely incredible with an infectious energy that left the group a buzz well after it ended. 

Part of the group left for Entebbe to help pick up the baggage left behind in the states and to pick up the last member of the group arriving in from California, Robin. Although the day was somewhat overshadowed by the 26 still missing bags, we returned triumphantly back to the Guest House with 34 in tow. 

david & robin

It seemed appropriate that we started off the day with the prayer: I am no longer my own, but thine. It’s illustrated how much we’ve each organized, planned and prepared for this trip, for the luggage and for the kids but at the end of the day we must relinquish our control to allow space for the things he has in store because he knows our heart and is the only one with the perfect plan. 


Quote of the Day

The only one with a perfect plan is God.
— Monica Mowdy