fruits of labor


Day two of the mission trip and Rhino Kid's Camp went well! Every day is an improvement on operations as we move forward with the week. Today’s theme for the day was ‘friends bring each other closer to Jesus’ as the Rhino Kid's Camp team spoke about being fishers of people through the skit, craft, and game. The kids had a great time making paper plate boats to go along with Matthew 4:19 - come follow me and I will make you fishers of people. Tonya, one of the team members in charge of the lesson for the kids, said they really connected with the story and had heard it before. 

Meanwhile, just behind the block of classroom buildings, the construction team was busy building more desks for the teachers. They were able to complete 3 and prep 3 more for completion early tomorrow. 


The pharmacy building was a buzz as the medical team finished each diagnoses and sent the patients just outside the wooden slated building to fill their prescription. They would hand their intake sheet to Agnes and take a seat just outside an adjacent school building while the pharmacists prepared their medication. Bridget, a Ugandan pharmacist from Kampala, mentioned ibuprofen was the most commonly prescribed medicine second to malaria medicine. 


Around the corner, the sponsorship team photographed the new 50 incoming students for the day before taking their exam shortly after. They were all smiles except for one baby who was terrified of the ‘muzungus’ (white people) with tears streaming down his little cheeks as he tried to relax in the arms of a comforting teacher.  

Shortly after lunch, half of the team went to Bukumonsimbi for a center visit while the remaining, those that had been to the community before, stayed behind to help with the second day of Gift a Gallon. We were able to hand out all but a few stray bags to the kids from grades Baby class (4-6) through P7 (10-13). It has been so rewarding to see all of our efforts with the Gift a Gallon bags in the kids faces. A young girl found a pleasant surprise in her bag as she picked it up and heard a faint rattle. Her sponsor had placed small maracas in the bag and she began shaking the bag furiously with a giant smile spread wide across her face. 


Back at the center visit the team had the chance to see an entire welcome show put on by the women and widows of Bukumonsimbi, including Ms. Molly, the center leader. They spent a few hours enjoying the show put on by the community and even had the chance to put on the feather dance adornments themselves to try out an African dance or two! 

We’ve had such a successful day with each department and it is a blessing to see the fruits of our labor have such an impact.