full and fulfilling day


Today was such a full day! It was the first day of Gift a Gallon and the Rhino Kid's Camp programming for the kids on-site in Bwasandeku. It was an early morning, breakfast at 6:30am and on campus by 8, but it geared up fast! 

When we arrived on campus we trotted down to the pavilion where the kids waited. We filed in and as kids began to pile up on our laps, Monica explained today’s devotion. After devotion with the kids in the pavilion, we all set out into our groups to begin coordinating and getting ready for the day. 


The Kid's Camp theme was helping a friend so each class made friendship chains, played a game that symbolized the story of Mark 2 where a paralyzed man is carried to Jesus and learned about the story. They had such a blast! 

The training teams were busy initiating their first lessons, ranging from leadership skills for successful goal setting to pastoral congregational care.

Meanwhile the construction crew built the organizational aspects of building the desks for the week. They set out a guide to help smooth the transition, and they have a lofty goal of building 7 total for Tuesday. 

The medical team set up their areas and systems while trying to simultaneously see the community members who were patiently waiting in line to be seen. The nurses saw some challenging cases today including several malaria diagnoses and a child who tested positive for HIV. 

The sponsorship team was in charge of photographing and grading tests for 50 new unsponsored children after they completed their placement exam. Their parents came from surrounding communities and waited patiently during the nearly two hours it took to finish their English and Math exams which help determine proficiency. 


Shortly after lunch, the sponsorship team geared up again to begin Gift a Gallon. Since Rhino Kid's Camp was finished, the rest of the team joined in to help organize four classes who were set to receive their bags this afternoon. 

We finished up the last of the P1 class around 6:30pm, just in time for dinner! We quickly ate and loaded up on the bus for a quiet ride back to Hotel Brovad for an earlier night in.