Farm2Feed is our agribusiness program created to establish a community garden for the feeding program and to provide vocational training in farming and agribusiness to older students.


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Through our farm2feed program, we are working with caregivers to establish sustainable, secure, and nutritious sources of food for our families. Our farm2feed program has evolved from nutrition education and seed distribution, to include community outreach events, training, livestock management, building livestock shelters, taking part in agricultural and livestock cooperatives, and environmental protection. These initiatives produce food and economic opportunity for the community, and also strengthen community knowledge of the connections between food, nutrition, and health.

Through our Giving Catalog, many of our children have received a goat or pig from their sponsors. A dairy goat can supply a family with several quarts of nutritious milk a day. Extra milk can be sold, families learn to use goat manure to fertilize gardens, and because goats often have 2 or 3 kids a year, they can earn more income. Each pig provides a valuable source of protein, income from the sale of offspring, and natural fertilizer to nourish crops and soil. Pigs need little land and can thrive on crop and garden byproduct scraps. An average sow can provide up to 16 piglets a year, many more families will soon benefit as your gift is passed on.

Through farm2feed, our goal is to help offset the rising food costs that have left guardians and parents of the Raise the Roof community struggling to provide food for their families. In order to help promote self-sufficiency and efficacy and lead to healthier, more focused children we hope to add:

  • an additional 20 acres

  • livestock including pigs, goats and other animals

  • seed

  • farming tools

  • hire a farm manager.