gift a gallon


what is gift a gallon?

Gift a Gallon is a way to provide practical items for hygiene care, send love, and uplift Raise the Roof Academy students and other community children in Uganda during the RTRA Rhino Kid’s Summer Camp. You and your family can make a big difference in the life of a child with a small, gallon-sized gift.

Sounds awesome, what can i do to help?

  • Choose to provide a Gallon Gift for your sponsored child or an unsponsored boy or girl.

  • Go shopping! We encourage starting with the basics on the list, and then you can add in a fun gift if space allows.

  • Fit everything into one, gallon-sized storage bag per child. It must be able to zip close.

  • Personalize with a letter and photo. Let your child know who you are!

  • Include a $7 check to RTRA for shipping and handling.

  • Place check, card, and photo in an unsealed envelope in your bag.

  • Fill out the info card. Detach and insert into your bag.

  • Turn in your Gallon Gift by May 31, 2019: 1) mail to RTRA, PO Box 92216, Nashville, TN 37209, or 2) bring to one of the following collection sites:

    • Forest Hills UMC, Brentwood, TN (RTRA Office)

    • Blakemore UMC, Nashville, TN

    • Christ UMC, Franklin, TN

    • Cornerstone Presbyterian, Franklin, TN

    • Grace UMC, Mt. Juliet, TN

    • Homestead UMC, Crossville, TN

    • Carthage UMC, Carthage, TN

    • Connell Memorial UMC, Goodlettsville, TN

    • The Chapel, Brunswick, GA

    • Central Presbyterian, Merced, CA

    • First Presbyterian, Concord, CA

  • Call the respective church office for drop-off hours.

  • USPS is best to use for shipping (FedEx and UPS do not ship to post offices).

  • Questions? Contact us at 615-686-9085 or

 Shopping List Basics:

RRA.18.06 namanda oliver.jpg
  • 1 Toothbrush with case

  • 2 Travel-size toothpastes (put in small storage bag)

  • 1 Washcloth

  • 1 Bar of soap

  • 1 Nail clipper

  • 1 Pack of crayons

  • 1 Small coloring book or notebook

  • 2 Pencils & sharpener

  • 1 T-shirt or dress

  • Underwear

  • Dark colored socks

Ideas for fun extra items:

  • Jump rope

  • Doll

  • Toy car/truck

  • Yo-yo

  • Sports bra

  • Solar calculator

  • Stickers

  • Flashlight with batteries

  • Shoelaces

  • Bracelet or necklace

  • Hard plastic bottle

  • Hard candies (put in small storage bag)

Please do not include:

Used or damaged items, cash, war-related items (toy guns, knives or army men), chocolate, food, liquids, lotions, medications, vitamins, breakable items such as snow-globes or glass containers, aerosol cans, balloons, hair accessories or hair brushes.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Remove extra packaging to save space.

  • Children’s clothing sizes correspond closely to age.

  • The kids love practical items, so please keep the toy and novelty items to a minimum.