Giving Catalog


Sponsor A Teacher

We believe, “No student is greater than his teacher.” At the heart of our mission is the call to serve and inspire leadership. Raise the Roof Academy’s native leaders are our strongest community in creating sustainable change since they have few or no cultural barriers to overcome. When you sponsor a rural teacher or leader, you invest in a community. Your sponsorship provides a leader with the opportunity for continuing education, training and a salary for self-sufficiency.

Care for An Unsponsored Child

Many new children come to Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda hoping to be registered and included. When we register a new child; however, it often takes months before we are able to find a sponsor for that child. Your gift will help to provide meals, school supplies and other necessities for a child who is waiting to be sponsored.

Sponsor A Student

Your sponsorship of $35 each month will provide a school uniform, meals, shoes, school supplies and pay fees so your child can receive an education for a promising future. You can develop a meaningful, lasting relationship through letters written and received from your sponsored child! Your sponsorship will provide life-saving preventive measures, basic health care, awareness workshops on preventing disease, safe water, education and comfort to children and families who are suffering. Your support will save lives. 

Before Sponsorship

We met Charles, Moses, Ivan, Tony, and Ronald in 2010. They are brothers and cousins, all cared for by their Grandma Resty. Their parents died of HIV/AIDS a few years ago, which left Grandma Resty in a difficult position.

After Sponsorship

Now, 5 years later, all five boys have a sponsor! They are all in school, have access to clean water, and have suitable clothing for school.

Gifts for Sponsored and Unsponsored Children

School Bags

Most of our Raise the Roof Academy children walk between 2-4 miles per day to attend school. A school bag helps tremendously on their journey. 


Shoes + Socks

Many children do not even own a single pair of shoes and walk back and forth to school barefoot in the rain and heat. This leads to jiggers which wreak havoc on their little feet. For $22 you can provide a child with a sturdy pair of shoes.

Sports Uniform

Having a second outfit for the children to change into for activities and sports helps to preserve their school uniforms and makes playtime more comfortable. For $20 you can provide a t-shirt and shorts.


School Uniform With Shoes


Every sponsored child at Raise the Roof Academy is provided with a new school uniform and shoes when they first begin. However, for most of our children this is one of two outfits they own and gets worn out quickly. For a gift of $60 you can provide a child with a new school uniform and shoes.

In Africa, education is the difference between child labor and freedom to be creative.

We’re Moving Forward

Meet the RTRA Grade 6 students! 6 years ago, with hope and a promise, this group of students embarked on a journey to achieve their dreams- to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, nurses, and pastors; leaders who will change Uganda. With humble beginnings in a shack we have all come so far! We now see what can be. Child and Sponsor relationships matter!


Your Gifts In Action

Roofs are being raised! Your building fund donations this past year have allowed for the continued growth of the school campus. What a blessing to be able to welcome more children and continue advancing each grade level.

Sleeping Kit


The majority of children living in rural Uganda are sleeping on dirt floors in mud shelters. They are susceptible to the elements and all kinds of creeping creatures that carry diseases. The sleeping kit is a foam mattress, mosquito net, and a blanket that can make a tremendous difference for the children’s health and well-being.

Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is space efficient for multiple children, providing a better night’s sleep for them.


Metal Storage Unit


A metal storage unit helps a family keep their clothes, school supplies, tools and cooking pans locked and secure.  

Jerrican + Wash Basin


We’re grateful for the water well that was installed in 2012. However, the purified water does not stay clean when it is collected and stored in bacteria-ridden jerricans, thus continuing the cycle of waterborne illness. A gift of $20 can help provide families with clean storage containers which help maintain safe water for cooking and drinking needs.

Hygiene Kit

Proper hygiene is the most important and basic need for fighting preventable diseases. Many of the caregivers do not have the means to purchase soap and toothpaste. For only $15, you can provide a child with a wash basin, bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and a wash cloth.


In Africa, education is the difference between death and disease or life and health.

Health Services

A child who does not have good medical care will struggle to break the cycle of poverty. With limited access to hospitals and clinics, something as simple as a broken bone or a respiratory disease can mean a lifetime of struggles. At Raise the Roof Academy, we now have a full-time nurse and a basic clinic. 

Fight illnesses including malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea- three of the leading killers of children in poverty. Your gift will help support the full-time nurse and medical clinic in treating illnesses, burns, broken bones, and other accidental injuries, as well as provide necessary medications that enable children to lead full and active lives.

Support the School Nurse and Medical Clinic

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$100 Suggested Donation

Economic Empowerment


A dairy goat can supply a family with several quarts of nutritious milk a day. Extra milk can be sold, families learn to use goat manure to fertilize gardens, and because goats often have 2 or 3 kids a year, they can earn more income.


Each pig provides a valuable source of protein, income from the sale of offspring, and natural fertilizer to nourish crops and soil. Pigs need little land and can thrive on crop and garden byproduct scraps. An average sow can provide up to 16 piglets a year, many more families will soon benefit as your gift is passed on.

Farm2Feed Agribusiness

Farm2Feed is our new agribusiness program created to establish a community garden for the feeding program and to provide vocational training in farming and agribusiness to older students. We would like to purchase an additional 20 acres, livestock, seed, farming tools and eventually hire a farm manager.

$50 Suggested Donation

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Tusituke Women’s Sewing Entrepreneurship

The village women chose to call their circle, Tusituke; in Luganda this means, let us rise up, and the women are doing just that. We now have two sewing machines that have been donated and are being utilized by the Tusituke Women’s Sewing Entrepreneurship Program. This is so empowering for the women and reduces our uniform expenses by being able to make in-house.

$50 Suggested Donation

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The Lunch Line

We take pride in the ability to serve breakfast and lunch to all of the children and staff 5 days a week at Raise the Roof Academy. Unfortunately, due to poverty, many of the children are under nourished and need supplemental nutrition. 

Feeding Program

We are in the process of developing our feeding program further to ensure all children are being fed appropriately while attending school. Your gift will go towards the food and preparations for the children’s meals.

$30 Suggested Donation

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School Desk

Raise the Roof Academy has been expanding and we are in need of more desks to seat all of the children comfortably in all of the classrooms.

Capital Giving

Raise the Roof Academy is growing! The community has been blessed by the presence of the school and we have a long waiting list of children who we do not currently have space for. We are committed to continually building and developing the rooms and resources we are entrusted with. 

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$20-$20,000 suggested donation
Any amount is greatly appreciated


New Playground!

The children were thrilled to try out their new playground for the first time! For most of our students, this was the first time on a swing! 

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Build A Classroom

Help us work toward our future to build more classrooms, dormitories and a secondary school! Leave a lasting legacy with your gift of a classroom.

One Classroom $20,000
Five-Classroom Block $100,000

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Water Catchment System

Water is fundamental to life. Thus, no one can be lifted out of extreme poverty without adequate access to water and sanitation. The installation of a rainwater harvesting system will provide greater sustainability, conservation and efficiency. The water catchment system includes a 10,000 gallon corrugated galvanized steel tank, rain gutters installed on all of the classrooms, spouts, filters, tubes, pump and concrete pad. 

Suggested Donation $1,000
Total Estimated Cost $15,000

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Sports Field

We would like to acquire land, clear and level it and plant grass for a sports field that will have soccer posts and nets. 

$20,000 Estimated Cost

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Girls’ Netball Court

Netball is the female sport of Uganda and is played on a hard court (like basketball). Since soccer is considered a male sport, we would like to provide the girls with their own netball court. 

$9000 Total Estimated Cost

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Your gift to “where most needed” or a general donation without a specified project, equips Raise the Roof Academy to balance all resources—including personnel, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment—to fulfill our mission.

Make checks payable to:

PO BOX 92216

Or donate online and write the specific
gift item in the memo line:

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General Operating Fund Gift

Your gift will enable us to respond quickly in areas of greatest need to help Uganda’s most vulnerable children and families.
$100 suggested donation

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Honoring A Loved One With A Gift

When you give through the catalog, we can send personalized honor or memory cards directly to your family and friends. Please submit honor or memory name and address with your payment.