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what is                                    global promise scholars?

The Raise the Roof Academy Global Promise Scholars (GPS), now has two class groups in Secondary School. The GPS initiative is a supplemental scholarship for all our High School students whose sponsors may not be able to cover the full cost of tuition and boarding fees. The GPS initiative serves as a cornerstone of the secondary students’ holistic development experience that creates opportunities to practice leadership through simulation and community project-based learning throughout their 6 years. The GPS initiative is an opportunity for students to complete a unique hands-on, projects-based curriculum that covers Asset-Based Community Development, Service, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Writing and Rhetoric, and Faith, Ethics & Leadership. The students are encouraged to work on team-building and original thinking.

In Uganda’s Primary Education system, each year students in Primary 7 sit for a national exam called the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) which determines their eligibility for Secondary School. This is a rigorous, standardized exam for all Primary 7 students in the country. The students can score First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, or Ungraded. While our students come from communities where the majority score in the Third, Fourth, or Ungraded divisions, we see them defying this assumption. In 2018, we had the second Primary 7 class of 36 students sit for their PLE exam. We are pleased to share the incredible results that 30 of our students scored a First Grade, 5 scored a Second Grade, and 1 was Ungraded. This is 50% higher than the inaugural class of 2017. These are students who have lost one or both parents and are under the care of an elderly grandparent or aunt. Their success astounds us, and it is a testament to love, acceptance, and belief in their God-given potential.

Now that they have completed Primary School, they will embark on their 6-year journey of Secondary School/High School. The first four years are called Ordinary Level, and the last two years are called Advanced Level, after which they will move on to University. From the very beginning, we have been driven by the belief that through dedication, love, and acceptance, children who had been written off, can rise to the occasion and achieve the improbable. We celebrate the children, their teachers, and sponsors. We give thanks to God for the extraordinary team we have become. It takes all of us and this is a shared victory. With such a foundation, RTRA children have success as a new normal.


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