center leadership


Raise the Roof Academy’s center Leadership Program focuses on refueling agency in local leaders and building the opportunity structure necessary to sustain and scale programs.



Raise the Roof Academy is built and led by the community it serves. We rely on local leaders to support our programs and advocate for our students. RTRA currently serves 83 villages, which have been divided into 9 centers. Throughout these 9 centers are 75 center leaders including, teachers, pastors, civic leaders, administrators, and social workers. They work alongside the students and their caregivers toward child protection, household health, school attendance, and community revitalization. 

Sponsor a center leader

Our work would not be possible without these dedicated volunteers. They serve as pillars in their communities, and support the vision and mission of RTRA on a daily basis. When you sponsor an RTRA center leader, you invest in a community and you shape the future of Uganda’s youth. Your sponsorship provides education, training, and a supplementary salary for self-sufficiency.