Raise the Roof Academy’s Leadership Program focuses on refueling agency in local leaders and building the opportunity structure necessary to sustain and scale programs.



To accomplish our goals, we have developed a process of co-creation that encourages critical thinking, feedback, and debate that equips our local staff to fully operate all programs without dependency on any expat staff. 



At the heart of our mission is the call to serve and inspire leadership. Raise the Roof native leaders are our strongest community ally in creating sustainable change -they have few or no cultural barriers to overcome. While our leaders are willing and are committed, fewer than 10% of those in remote villages have access to training, skills, and resources to meet the demands of their work. Our native leaders serve in Africa’s most remote and dangerous communities. They include teachers, community leaders, pastors, civic leaders, administrators, and social workers that work diligently with children and guardians from village to village to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty, and to share the love of God.


Sponsor a native leader

When you sponsor a rural teacher, pastor, or social worker, you invest in a community and you shape the future of Uganda’s most vulnerable communities. Your sponsorship provides a leader with the opportunity for continuing education, training, and a supplementary salary for self-sufficiency. Each year our Leadership Incubator program enrolls 100 native leaders who participate in the life of Raise the Roof Academy and its