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After more than ten years, we continue to grow and are constantly broadening our horizons and expanding our goals. We've accomplished a lot because of your support and God's grace.


Our first students in 2011

Our first students five years later in 2016


Child Sponsorship Program


Summer mission report 


Thank you for being a friend of Raise the Roof Academy and being a part of so many wonderful projects! Below are highlights and accomplishments from the 2018 summer mission trip.

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rhino kid's camp

Our mission team hosted the Rhino Kid’s Camp for 5 days. During the week, our team served over 1,400 children. Going to camp has become the biggest event of the year for the children. Team members from the US, teachers, local volunteers, and our new school mascot, Ronnie the Rhino, created a fun environment with crafts, games, music, Bible lessons, dancing, skits, and even yoga!


by the numbers

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gift a gallon

“All children love to play and sing and want to be celebrated. When we give the children their Gift a Gallon bag we let them know there is someone thinking about them and loving them even though they are far away.” 

- Robin Stearns, First Presbyterian Church, CA

We are proud to announce that you packed 1,247 Gift a Gallon bags making this the largest giving yet!

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Our incredible construction team built 15 teacher desks and painted two classrooms in one week with the help of five local Ugandans.

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