The relationship between education and opportunity is clear worldwide: more of the first, equals more of the second. In Uganda, the stakes are higher than ever.

  • Average annual per capita income is less than $440 USD.

  • Life expectancy for men and women is 59 years.

  • In Uganda’s remote villages, 84% of the population live in rural areas and rely on subsistence agriculture.

  • Nearly 40% of children in Uganda are malnourished, which makes providing breakfast and lunch at school for our students so critical.

We rarely have to think about the difficulties of life without education. Most of us complained about our homework, our teachers and our school but imagine a world void of learning. Picture erasing the memories of attending class. Erase the pride you felt after passing an exam. Erase the hope of post-graduation. Wipe away the lessons you learned and the opportunities given to you. Would you have the same friends? Would you have the same job? The house you live in? Would you think of yourself in the same way?  

At Raise the Roof Academy we invite you to take a moment and fill the shoes of the children in rural Uganda. Take a journey into their lives. Walk the two miles to school everyday with them. Help moms wash their daughter's only two outfits. Give them light after dark to finish their homework. Pray with them as they study for their exams.

Now, make the decision to help, not out of guilt but out of compassion and hope because we're on this journey together. We don't offer multi-million dollar solutions and we're not trying to reinvent the wheel. It's simple. Education opens doors that let the light of hope and promise stream in. 

RTRA is a 501c3 organization that journeys with families in rural Uganda as they work their way out of poverty and to stand against the above statistics. Our 2020 vision is to build a K-12 school and an educational ecosystem that provides access to education for 3,000 students in rural Uganda.


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