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sponsor a child

Our Child Sponsorship Program seeks out the most vulnerable children, many of whom are orphaned and have been affected by malaria, HIV/AIDS, and extreme poverty. 

Your sponsorship of just $35 each month will provide your child:

  • education

  • medical screening

  • health and hygiene care

  • school uniform

  • breakfast and lunch

  • recreational activities

  • scholastic materials

Our commitment to our sponsors:

  • 3 to 4 hand-written letters from your child each year

  • quarterly mailed newsletter updates

  • annual update photo showing your child's growth

  • photos of your child receiving your hand-packed Gift-a-Gallon, and your selected Giving Catalog gifts

  • periodic email newsletters with special event reminders

  • tax-deductible receipt mailed each January

If you already received your sponsored child's profile, but still need to set up your monthly sponsorship payment, you may click this button. 

children available for sponsorship

see below for a list of children ready for love and support

support an unsponsored child

Many new children come to Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda hoping to be registered and included. When we register a new child, however, it often takes months before we are able to find a sponsor for that child. Your gift will help to provide meals, school supplies and other necessities for a child who is waiting to be sponsored.

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