Center for social enterprise

RTRA.19 sewing_10.jpg

Raise the Roof Academy launched the Center for Social Enterprise (CSE) in July of 2019. The CSE is designed to equip local community members with the necessary training to excel in trades, such as construction, welding, agriculture, and sewing. At RTRA, we aim to empower the whole community. We believe that these trades can lead to income generation that contributes to community revitalization. We are engaging people of all ages to participate in the change that is taking place throughout the community in which we operate. 

The CSE aims to be a self-sustaining entity of RTRA. Each program is designed to generate income, which can then be funneled back into CSE programming. Once students have completed the necessary courses in their field of work, it is our hope that they use their skills as a way to create extra income through their own entrepreneurial ventures. 

Yambala, the CSE’s sewing program, launched this year with a foundations course. The inaugural class included 34 students, ranging between ages 14 and 60. With the help of 4 instructors, the class completed 94 pieces throughout the course of one week. This foundations course was the first initiative hosted by the CSE. We look forward to the growth that this program has in store for both RTRA and the surrounding community. 

Join us in supporting local makers, as we work together toward empowerment and opportunity!