sponsor a child

Through our Child Sponsorship Initiative we seek out the most vulnerable children, many of whom are orphaned and have been affected by malaria, HIV/AIDS, and extreme poverty. We work with our Child and Community Development Leaders to strengthen capacities in villages to care for the most vulnerable. Key to the success of our Child Sponsorship Initiative, is that we provide education for their guardians too, many of whom are responsible for numerous children. Over time this means families are able to build a life of dignity and purpose reaping the rewards of their own hard work.

Your sponsorship of just $35 each month will provide your child a school uniform, breakfast and lunch, school supplies and pay their tuition so they can receive an education for a promising future. You can develop a meaningful, lasting relationship through written letters that will be received from your sponsored child! Your sponsorship will provide life-saving preventive measures, basic health care, awareness workshops on preventing disease, safe water, education and comfort to children and families. Your support will save lives. 



children available for sponsorship

see below for a list of children ready for love and support

support an unsponsored child

Many new children come to Raise the Roof Academy in Uganda hoping to be registered and included. When we register a new child, however, it often takes months before we are able to find a sponsor for that child. Your gift will help to provide meals, school supplies and other necessities for a child who is waiting to be sponsored.