emezza: a meal with friends


In Uganda, the hospitality you receive is unlike any other experience. You are immediately invited into the home after a warm embrace, and provided a seat at their table. This table is not just a centerpiece for gathering, it acts as a means to break the plane of intimacy and to share customs with an open heart. After countless banana leaf bowls have been passed around with heaping piles of matooke, chapati and cassava, you’ve lost track of time and in just a few short hours have made the transition from visitor to family.

Imagine belonging to a community like this where having a meal with family, old friends and new acquaintances takes on a different meaning. In villages across Uganda having a meal is the utmost expression of true friendship and it is in this spirit that we invite friends of Raise the Roof Academy to join us for Emezza.

Emezza, meaning table in Luganda, is an opportunity to break bread with your friends and family to share your journey as an advocate for education in rural Uganda, encourage awareness of issues that affect its families, and inspire action to support sustainable solutions within the Raise the Roof Academy community.

Whether it’s brunch at your favorite cafe or dinner at your home, it only takes one meal to make an impact that reaches beyond the four corners of your table and extends to the emezza in Uganda. As an Emezza host, you will be given all the tools you need to create a welcoming environment for your guests to learn more about Raise the Roof Academy and how they can make a difference through this year’s spotlight project.  

The RTRA Emezza packet includes the following:

  1. Nametags, so your guests can get to know one another easily

  2. Slideshow Presentation (emailed), so you can show all the latest photo updates and bullet points from RTRA

  3. Video (emailed), so your guests can learn more about the spotlight project

  4. Instructions, so you can rest assured that you have easy-to-follow steps for hosting Emezza

  5. Recipe Cards, so you can try a traditional Ugandan dish if you choose

  6. Interactive Game, so your guests can learn more about one another as they learn fun facts about Uganda

  7. Spotlight Project Hand-outs, so your guests can all read and take home the key information

  8. Website Platform, so you and your guests can go beyond your gathering table to share your fundraising goal with more people

  9. Remittance Envelopes and Pens, so your guests can privately select the support level that is right for them

  10. Handcrafted Gifts from Uganda, so your guests can take home a piece of Uganda as a reminder to pray for the students at RTRA

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