the clean water project


Sixty-two percent of RTRA households do not have nearby access to basic drinking water.

because of this, these families must walk over 30 minutes to a water source and return carrying a jerrican that weighs 40 pounds.

The goal of the Clean Water Project is to secure sanitary water sources that are sufficient, reliable, and affordable for Raise the Roof Academy and the surrounding community. RTRA’s Education Program currently supports over 1,300 students. We see the need to prioritize clean drinking water, sanitary latrine conditions, and an educational water, sanitation, & hygiene (WASH) program for all of our students and staff. In addition, it is our hope provide the Bwasandeku community with access to clean water.

Over the next couple of years, we will be working to implement a water harvesting system at the school, which will be open to students and the surrounding community. The Clean Water Project is comprised of several components, including a powered borehole, rainwater catchments, an above-ground reservoir, and a community-based water management system. The harvested water will then be pumped throughout the school campus, while also being available to community members. 

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This project will have a dramatic impact on health at RTRA and throughout Bwasandeku, Uganda. Together, we can provide clean drinking water, improve hygiene, reduce dangerous commutes to water sources, and create sustainable change within the community.