Shine the Light

At Raise the Roof Academy, we believe in the power of sponsors and volunteers! Each of you have contributed to the growth and success of RTRA by sharing the children’s stories with your friends and family. Through this relationship-driven outreach, the RTRA community has made substantial strides in education, child advocacy & welfare, and community-based development. 

We are happy to dedicate the 2019 Celebration Dinner to the Raise the Roof Academy Child Sponsor. You are the heroes who shine a light on each child and make their world brighter! Because of you, a school with a children’s home, clinic, water system, and skills institute has been built to care for 1,300 children! Because of you, 68 of our students are in the Global Promise Scholars program, attending Secondary School or Vocational School. Because of you, RTRA partners with 36 schools that have embarked on a turnaround journey to make the promise of education possible for 10,000 children across rural, South Western Uganda. The Shine the Light campaign has the goal of fulfilling 500 sponsorships for the continued success of the students in our program. 

On Monday, November 4th, we are hosting our 4th Annual Celebration Dinner: Shine the Light. This event is a way for all of us to celebrate our accomplishments and work towards providing our students with brighter futures. We want to celebrate with each of you who continue to shine a light on our students by providing them with the promise of education.

For those who are unable to attend, it is our hope that you consider hosting an Emezza experience in your home to share the work that is being done in Bwasandeku, Uganda. Emezza is Luganda for “table” and provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather together for a meal and conversation. If you have traveled to Uganda with us, you have had the opportunity to share an Emezza experience with our students and their caregivers. This is an intimate experience that enables members of the RTRA community to come together and share their experiences.

RTRA.19 emezza_-12.jpg

“The most profound inspirations came from being invited into the local homes and listening to their personal stories, and their clear dreams and visions for the future.”

– Jackie Wofford, 2019 Mission Team Member

We recognize that not everyone can travel to Uganda for an Emezza experience. However, as members of the RTRA community and advocates for our students, you can help provide a unique experience for people to learn more about our mission and vision by hosting an Emezza!

While our Shine the Light campaign focuses on child sponsorship, you can choose to highlight any RTRA project that you feel personally connected to. In addition, we supply you with all the necessary materials, including name tags, instructions, recipe cards, project spotlight hand-outs, remittance envelopes & pens, and handcrafted gifts from Uganda. This is an opportunity for you to be involved no matter where you live! We hope that you use the Emezza kit to gather, learn, celebrate, and share! 

Or contact Olivia Steaban for more information

We thank you for your continued support and commitment to our students and community.