Health is a key component to ensuring the success of our students

After many years of continued evaluation, our health team has identified the primary health risks within Raise the Roof Academy and the surrounding communities.

the top 6 health threats to our students: 

health threats.png

We prioritize prevention and treatment for our students so they may focus on their academic careers. RTRA’s cornerstone health program in Bwasandeku includes:


The services we provide within our year-round school clinic include primary care, dental care, maternal and child health, mental health, the prevention and treatment of Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Typhoid, Malnutrition, Respiratory Infection, Tuberculosis, and other infectious and non-communicable diseases. 

Our school nurse provides urgent care for our students, makes check-ups to housebound students, schedules doctor visits, and organizes our Community Health Workers.

Your support will bring healing! Join us in making more health milestones possible for our students and their caregivers!


our health initiatives 

mission trips

Medical volunteers help with eye exams, dental care, outpatient procedures, and more.

Water Project

At RTRA, we believe that clean water is the beginning of health.

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Community health workers

We believe bridging the health gap between the school and the child’s home begins with strengthening the local health system.